Why Winter Tires?

Below are some facts that you need to know about winter tires. If you can't find the answer you need, our tire experts are always available to give you the information you're looking for.

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How do these tires differ?

Summer tires with hard rubber compounds are designed to have long lasting wear in warm weather and the most rubber in contact with the road. That's why they have less grooves. 

Winter tires have softer compounds that remain flexible in colder temperatures. They have more grooves and siping to provide superior traction on ice, snow and slush.  

All-Season tires are a combination between summer and winter tires and are not optimal in either condition. They are a happy medium between summer and winter tires.

At 7˚Celsius, the rubber compounds in high performance summer tires and all-season tires change, resulting in reduced contact with the road. Winter tires feature special rubber compounds that stay soft at low temperatures meaning the ideal time to have your winter tires installed is before the cold weather arrives.


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